Why BMW and Audi are taking a break from car subscription services

Why BMW and Audi are taking a break from car subscription services

BMW and Audi, two of the biggest names in the car manufacturing world, recently announced the conclusions of their car subscription services. Access By BMW, initially launched back in 2018, served as a luxury car subscription option for Nashvillians, and Audi Select serviced residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2018 as well. 


Car Subscription Services aim to provide an easy, flexible, and personalized alternative to owning or leasing. For a transparent, all-inclusive monthly (or weekly) fee, subscribers can rent a car (or various models) for extended periods of time. Like leasing, subscribers don’t own their cars, but unlike leasing, term-lengths can be as little as weeks or months at a time. 


So, why are BMW and Audi calling it quits now?


Well, there are a few factors at play. First and foremost, both car subscription services were conceived as test runs; a way to gather data and perfect their business models.  Both companies have publicly indicated that these closures are less permanent and more pauses as they continue to develop new user experiences.


It’s also impossible to ignore the economic strain that the COVID pandemic has placed on the American economy. People aren’t necessarily in the market for new cars or car subscriptions these days, so now probably seemed as good a time as any to shelve these trial services. Perhaps when the world starts opening back up and things begin returning to normal we’ll start to see some more new and exciting car subscription services announced.


Alternative options

Now that Audi Select and Access by BMW are on hiatus, where can residents of Dallas/Fort Worth and Nashville turn to for all their car subscription needs? Luckily, there are a few services still available in those regions, and they provide some solid options. Here’s few:


Hertz My Car – (Dallas/Fort Worth & Nashville) Hertz’s very own car subscription service is available at all corporate airport and neighborhood locations and offers a solid, three tiered subscription service. Though it may not be the most innovative or ground-breaking subscription service, Hertz My Car covers just about every base you could want from a subscription service, and integrates seamlessly with existing Hertz accounts. 


Care by Volvo – (Dallas/Fort Worth & Nashville) Essentially a 24-month lease in the form of car-subscription-like all-inclusive monthly payments, Volvo offers a service as useful and reliable as the cars it produces. With excellent customer service, a Volvo model for any of your needs, and a monthly fee with excellent coverage, Volvo is a great alternative for previous Audi Select members. 


Sixt+ –  (Dallas/Fort Worth) Rental company SIXT offers a highly customizable car subscription service, and is a great option for everyday driving. Instead of selecting a specific model, customers choose a car “type” with a set monthly fee and are guaranteed a car that fits their needs. Keep in mind that driving restrictions vary by state, which can affect where you’ll be able to drive your SIXT+ car.


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