The Best Electric Car Subscriptions

The best electric car subscriptions

We’ve all been hearing about the electric future of cars for a long time. Well that future is quickly becoming a reality. With Tesla’s meteoric rise in popularity, the world’s other top car manufacturers are racing to get into the electric vehicle market. Some of these household brand names have even announced plans to only produce electric or hybrid cars in the near future.


But car manufacturers aren’t alone in following the electric trend, car subscription services are as well. So, if you’re in the market for a car subscription, you may want to think electric.


Electric vs. Gas subscriptions

There are more differences between gas and electric car subscriptions than what is simply powering your car. First and foremost: recharging. There’s no easy way around it, charging an electric car’s battery isn’t as quick as refilling a tank of gas – and (depending on where you live) there most likely aren’t as many electric charging stations as there are gas stations.


That said, you’ll probably only find electric car subscription services in areas where both the infrastructure and demand for electric cars are relatively high – big cities for instance, or States that have emphasized the transition to clean power. Also, some electric car subscription services will install home charging stations for extra fees, or provide a certain amount of charging credits with your subscription.


Then there’s pricing. Electric vehicle battery technology is pricey, which is why the majority of electric cars aren’t cheap (though there are some budget options). This means that most electric car subscriptions aren’t going to be cheap either. That said, if you’re already looking into buying or leasing an electric vehicle, the difference in price for an electric car subscription shouldn’t be drastic.

Notable EV car subscriptions

Not sure where to start looking for the perfect electric car subscription service? How about starting here! Here are just a few great services to check out. 


CurruxHouston, Texas-based car subscription service – Currux – offers a marketplace for customers to subscribe to a variety of different cars. Both their website and app make it easy to filter your choices by fuel type – so Houstoners can find the right electric or hybrid vehicle for them. 


Steer EVIf you live in the D.C. metro area and are looking for an electric car subscription, you’re in the luck – Steer EV is one of the best on the market. Steer EV maintains an electric-only fleet of cars for customers to subscribe to, and even offers the optional installation of a home charging station and/or a “SteerPass” good for 1500 miles worth of charge. With an unlimited mileage allowance and unlimited vehicle swaps, even without gas-fueled car options, SteerEV is one of the most comprehensive car subscription services out there. 

Porsche DriveThough not strictly focused on electric cars, Porsche Drive – Porsche’s very own car subscription service – offers access to Porsche hybrid Cayenne and Panamera models. All you have to do is sign up for the “Accelerate” payment plan and you’re good to schedule your first subscription. Just head over to our in-depth review to make sure you live in a Porsche Drive service area.



Though the Covid pandemic might have slowed down the progression of electric vehicle car culture – once regularity resumes there’s no reason to think that driving electric won’t continue to become more and more popular.


With tons of new electric options being released each year and electric charging stations popping up all over the place there’s no reason not to check out some electric car subscription service options.


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