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The sporty side of car subscriptions

If you’re reading this, odds are you like to go fast. The car subscription service industry’s speedy rise in popularity – although perhaps not quite as fast as your dream car – is nothing to laugh at. In fact, more and more people all over the world are subscribing to them – and not just because of the flexibility and utility they offer. From the roar of a v8 to the insane horsepower of the newest class of electric sports cars – you can rest assured that the best sports car subscription services also have the right cars to take your breath away. 


The best part is you don’t even necessarily have to pay sports car prices to get to drive one. With the right car subscription service you can fulfill your need for speed when it suits you, and still have your everyday, get-the-job-done car when you need it. Picture this: you’ve subscribed to a car subscription service.


For one, transparent monthly fee you get the everyday car you need – insurance, maintenance, registration etc. all included. Then that long weekend you’ve been looking forward to finally rolls around. You open up your subscription’s smartphone app and schedule to swap your daily life car for something a little more exhilarating. With a few presses and swipes you schedule the delivery of your new speedster, then it’s just you and the open road. With the right car subscription service, this dream can be your reality.


How to start looking

With so many options out there in such a new and exciting market, finding what the best sports car subscription can be tricky. But even though some are better than others, luckily for us, just about every car subscription service out there has sportier options available. A good place to start your dream sports car subscription search is to figure out exactly what your dream car is. Whether it’s the latest Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or any other pulse-racing car, odds are the manufacturer is trying to get in on the car subscription game. Start by checking our website to see if your favorite auto manufacturer has a car subscription service. Read our review and then head over to their websites to see their offerings for yourself. 


Another good option is to check and which of the best car subscription services operate in your area. Since it’s a still a pretty new market, a lot of the high end providers are testing the waters to figure out exactly what customers want – this means that many services limit their territories geographically. Take a look and see if your local service providers have the car you want. 


Once you’ve gathered all your available options – take a look at how their prices differ. In most cases, the pricier and and more exclusive the car, the more you’ll have to pay – whether it’s a monthly or weekly fee. Also, each service has its own policy for insurance coverage. Some offer more comprehensive coverage than others, while some don’t cover the cost of insurance at all. Also, if that joy ride happens to be more of a road trip, make sure you find the service with the right mileage allowance for you. Like leasing a car, a sports car subscription service will have a set mileage allotment per term – this could be per week, month, few months, or per year. If you go over your mileage allotment, you’ll probably be charged for each extra mile. Check out our reviews to find out more.


Some of our favorites

Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite car subscription services that satisfy our need for speed.


Access by  BMWLive in the Nashville metro area? Check out BMW’s car subscription service for your sports car needs. Choose between three payment tiers, either the “Icon” plan at $995 per month, the “Legend” plan at $1,399 per month, or the BMW M plan at $2,699 per month. Each tier comes with an increasing variety of speedy BMW models from BMW’s M and Z series of cars, as well as the luxurious 7 and X series. The best part? You get unlimited vehicle swaps included with your monthly fee.


LMP SubscriptionsStill considering buying a sports car? With LMP Subscriptions – which services Florida, New York, and Connecticut – you can either subscribe to their cars or buy them at used prices. It’s a unique business model in the car subscription market: LMP buys new and used cars from local auctions, dealerships, and straight from customers – then after a stint in their subscription fleet, resells them at used prices. Right now you can find some speedy Mercedes, Chevy, Ford, and even Rolls-Royce models for anywhere from $417 to $4,565 monthly.


Steer EVIf you’ve been keeping up with the latest in ridiculously fast cars, then you know about Tesla. And if you know about Tesla, and live in the Washington D.C. metro area – you should definitely know about Steer EV. As the only all electric or hybrid vehicle car subscription service out there, Steer EV offers three different payment plans (at $889, $1089, and $1689 per month respectively) and the option to set up a fast charging station at your home. If it’s speed you’re after, check out the $1,689 Premier Performance Plan. For that monthly price you can swap between the ultra-quick Tesla S and Tesla 3 Performance as many times as you’d like, and drive for unlimited miles.


Porsche DriveFew automotive brands say speed and luxury like Porsche, and few car subscription services offer the level of luxury and flexibility that Porsche Drive offers. With sports cars from the 718, 911, and Panamera classes – you can choose to either subscribe to a single Porsche for a monthly fee, or pay for access to swap between Porsches whenever you want. It’s not cheap though – expect to pay anywhere from $1,800 to $2,600 per month to subscribe to a single car, or either $2,100 or $3,100 per month for one of the two multi-vehicle plans. That said – when it comes to Porsche Drive’s quality, you definitely get what you pay for.


Final verdict

The best car subscription services are all about getting the car you want, when you want it, so it makes sense that so many of the services out there have sporty options available – whether it’s the quickest, quietest electric car, or the familiar growl of a Porsche. But with so many options out there, finding the right one for you can be tricky. Good thing we’ve got you covered.


Check out our in-depth reviews to see which car subscription service fits your needs, and you’ll be accelerating through those corners in no time.

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