LA – Based Car Subscription Services

LA – based car subscription services

If there’s one American city that most embodies America’s car culture, it’s probably Los Angeles. People flock to the city of Angels from all over the world to pursue their dreams – the modern-day promise of the west and, once there, they quickly realize just how much time they’ll be spending in their cars. But as a huge, forward-thinking metropolitan area with public transportation and the latest in ride-sharing business – is it still necessary for people in L.A. to commit to the traditional forms of car ownership?


Car subscription services, with the flexibility and personalization that come with their all-inclusive monthly fees, offer an intriguing alternative.


What are car subscription services?

Think of car subscription services as the perfect fit between renting/ride-sharing and leasing. For a monthly, or sometimes weekly, fee subscribers can “rent” a car (or have access to a curated roster of cars)  that come with a wide variety of benefits and features included. Depending on the subscription service, these included benefits could be things like insurance coverage, maintenance, a concierge service, and car “swaps”.


The list goes on, with each service looking for their own desirable “twist” on the concept, but the concept is simple: flexibility, personalization, and convenience – and car subscription services’ rise in popularity is expected when we look at how we “own” other things in our lives like our media with streaming services or other forms of transportation with ride sharing and city-funded bicycle or scooter programs.


And like those high tech products, most car subscription services are fully accessible through a smart phone app.


L.A. Subscription services

Wondering where to start? Here are just a few notable car subscription services to check out.


KyteExciting start-up car subscription service, Kyte, partners with local dealerships and rental companies to fill their fleet of available cars. A great option for people more concerned with the utility of a car rather than the details of a specific vehicle – Kyte allows customers to choose a car “type” to subscribe to, and are guaranteed the advertised car or one similar. As with Fair, Kyte’s prices are ultra competitive in the car subscription market, making it a great option for L.A. residents who just need a car.  


Fair – Fair is a great introduction to the car subscription service business model, with very “fair” prices to boot. Fair is essentially a marketplace for customers to subscribe to used cars – where each car has its own monthly fee. You can choose either a month-by-month subscription, or a 2 or 3 year lease for each car, with routine maintenance, delivery of your new car, and 24 hour roadside assistance all included. Unfortunately you’ll be responsible for getting your own car insurance – but Fair’s prices are hard to beat.

Porsche Drive – On the opposite end of the car subscription spectrum is Porsche Drive, one of the best luxury car subscription services out there. What could be more fun than driving through sunny L.A. with a top down on a fun, flashy porsche? Though you’ll be paying luxury car subscription prices, you’ll be getting luxury cars and a luxury service in return. Porsche Drive’s monthly fee covers just about everything, from comprehensive auto insurance and routine maintenance, to roadside assistance and a concierge service. You’ll also be able to swap out your Porsche Drive car for another available model as often as you like, since Porsche Drive offers unlimited vehicle swaps as part of it’s monthly fee.


Final verdict

New car subscription services are popping up all over the world everyday. Their popularity makes sense when you think about how our world’s concept of ownership is ever-evolving. Luckily, if you live in Los Angeles, you’re already in a prime location to check out some of the best that car subscriptions have to offer.


So head over to our in-depth review section and find the perfect L.A. car subscription service for you.


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