Is This The Right time to Subscribe?

Is this the right time to subscribe?

The whole world changed last spring – perhaps forever. The Covid pandemic sent us indoors, separated us from friends and family, and put many of us under new economic stress. The good news is that this won’t last forever; new vaccines bring hope that things will return to the way they once were, but the return trip is going to be long and even when things go back to “normal” the way the world operates is going to be different.


Already, car rentals and car sharing services are putting an unprecedented emphasis on cleanliness; across the board services and technologies are taking Covid and human contact into account in an effort to minimize the risk of future pandemics.


So how does this affect the car subscription service industry, and is now the right time to be considering one?


Car subscription services

If you haven’t heard, car subscription services are the newest way to drive. In an effort to tailor driving experience to each customer’s individual needs, and keep up with the ever-changing concept of “ownership”, everyone from car manufacturers, dealerships, and exciting start-ups are throwing their hats into the car subscription ring. Think of them like short term leases or long-term car rentals. For a transparent weekly or monthly fee subscribers get to lease/rent a car (or cars) without having to worry about a bunch of extra costs.


Of course, that’s the ideal subscription service – some are definitely better than others. Head over to our in-depth review section to see if there’s a car subscription service that’s right for you.

A few favorites

Wondering where to start? Here are just a few notable car subscription services to check out.


KyteLive in LA, Boston, Washington D.C., or San Francisco? Then check out Kyte – a rental/subscription car service that will give you the kind of car you need and won’t break the bank. Great for city-goers who care more about having the right car for the job than having a specific model, Kyte offers a simple, easy-to-use car subscription service. 


SteerSteer’s electric-and-hybrid-only business model and it’s user and customer experiences set it apart from the car subscription service crowd. Operating in Washington D.C. and Toronto, Steer provides subscriptions for the best and newest in electric and hybrid vehicles. For an extra fee they’ll even set up your home with an electric charging station. 

Care by Volvo One of a few car subscription services provided straight from the manufacturer, Volvo offers a service as comprehensive and accessible as its cars. Essentially a 24-month lease with a monthly fee that covers everything from insurance to maintenance and delivery, Care by Volvo’s subscription model should be an easy transition for those familiar with leasing. Unlike leasing though, Care by Volvo allows subscribers to cancel their subscription or start one with a new Volvo car after only four months.


Is now the right time?

It’s no secret that people are hurting financially right now. Luckily, car subscription services offer financial flexibility that leasing and owning simply can’t. Most subscription services that charge continually let you put subscriptions and their monthly payments on hold for extended periods of time or cancel just as easily. Some services only charge you while you’re currently subscribed to a car, so there’s no need to worry about paying for a car when you don’t need it.


The added flexibility means that if you’re considering a new car, there’s no reason not to look into a car subscription service, especially if you’re taking Covid into account.

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