Drive in First Class: Luxury Car Subscription Services

Luxury car subscription services

Plush leather interiors, finished wood panels, the latest in technological comforts – there’s nothing quite like driving luxuriously. And when it comes to driving, there’s nothing quite like car subscription services: they’re flexible, transparent, and quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to have a car. That’s because for one monthly fee, you’ll get a car (or cars), and a whole bunch of what would be extra costs, things like insurance coverage, registration and maintenance.


Subscribing is fast, easy, and all about having the car you want, when you want it. Luckily, subscribing to a car subscription service doesn’t mean that you can’t drive in style.


How to find your dream car

No matter whether you’re leasing, buying, or subscribing, finding the right car for you is tricky. But since the concept of car subscription services is still so new, finding the right subscription services can be even trickier. Not to worry, we’re here to help. So, you’re set on subscribing to a new luxury car; here’s where to start. First thing’s first, if you’ve got a specific brand in mind already, you’re already a step ahead. Since the huge boom in popularity of car subscription services, everyone – from dealerships to car manufacturers – want in. If you know you want that brand new luxury BMW or Porsche, check our reviews, odds are good that your favorite car brands offer their own luxury car subscription service. 


If you don’t have your dream car already picked out, then start  your search by seeing which of the best car subscription services are available where you live. As a relatively new service, car subscription providers are still figuring out the best way to offer their services, so most companies are still testing out the market in certain geographical regions. Check out our reviews to see which car subscription services are available near you – you’re almost guaranteed to find one with luxury cars that peak your interest.


Some of our favorites

Even though our in-depth review section gives you more than enough to find your next luxury car, we figured we’d still share a few of our favorite luxury car subscription services.


Access by  BMWNashvillians are quite the lucky bunch, not just because of all the great food and music at their fingertips, but because Nashville is currently the only region where BMW’s new car subscription service is readily available, and BMW is synonymous with luxury. Subscribers choose between three tiers of payment plans (at either $995, $1,399, or $2,699 per month) each with an increasing roster of luxurious BMWs and unlimited swaps between models. Want the ultimate in BMW luxury? Check out their X series SUV’s and 7 series sedans.


LMP SubscriptionsUnique in that they make their cars available through both their subscription service and also for sale at used-car prices, LMP Subscriptions (which operates in Florida, New York, and Connecticut) has some great luxury subscription options. Instead of one flat monthly fee for a variety of cars, each of their cars come with their own monthly fee, so if it’s luxury you’re after, be ready for luxury prices. That said, with some great BMW, Mercedes, Chevrolet, and even Rolls-Royce options, it’s worth every penny. Expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $4,500 per month for the high end of LMP’s offerings.


Sixt+Rather than picking a specific model, SIXT+ subscribers pick a car for a set monthly fee and are guaranteed to receive either that car, or a car like it. This makes SIXT+ a luxury subscription service more suited for customers less concerned with having a specific car for daily use, and more interested in a highly customizable car rental. Check out their Mercedes, Range Rover, GMC, BMW, and Volvo luxury offerings, and expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1200 per month. SIXT+ operates in specific cities around the country, head over to our in-depth review to see a full list.


FairSince Fair is essentially a marketplace to subscribe to used cars, think of Fair as the affordable luxury subscription service. For residents of California or Florida, Fair subscribers can use the Fair smartphone app to subscribe to used cars on either a monthly basis, or for a 2 or 3 year term. With recognizable luxury brand names like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and GMC you can definitely find an affordable, used luxury option without breaking the bank. Prices are constantly varying with their current fleet of available cars, but expect to pay around $700 at most for a luxury car.


How do I sign up?

See something you like? Head over to our reviews section and find out how to sign up for each luxury car subscription service. Each service has its own process, and some a more streamlined than others, but in general you can expect to be subject to a quick driving history and credit check to make sure you’re eligible.

The process is usually pretty quick, with most services having the ability to get you signed up and in your car within a day or two. Make sure to compare services, while some are more expensive than others, they might have a more comprehensive all-inclusive monthly or better customer service and wider variety of available cars. With some services, you can go through the entire sign up process from a smartphone app, talk about a luxury.

Final verdict

Just because car subscription services are all about ease of use and flexibility, doesn’t mean you can’t find good old fashioned luxury in their new-fangled digital age offerings. In fact, it’s probably easier to find your next luxury ride through a subscription service than having to negotiate with salespeople and their extra fees.

The best part is that with all the customization options at your fingertips, subscription services make it easier to get exactly the luxury experience you want. So head over to our in-depth reviews and find the right service for you.


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