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Drive Flow offers an alternative to leasing and owning to the residents of Raleigh and Winston Salem, NC. As an affiliate of popular automotive dealership Flow Automotive, Drive Flow offers three very different pricing plans and a variety of available cars from which customers can choose. 


Flow Automotive started out in 1957 selling refurbished, pre-owned cars. Since then, Flow has expanded throughout the major North Carolina markets and into Virginia.


What does a Drive Flow subscription look like?

It can look drastically different depending on which plan you choose. Both the “Pioneer” and “Adventurer” plans offer access to a variety of vehicles, with multiple flips per month, for a monthly fee. The “Prospector” plan offers the benefits of the all-inclusive monthly fee, but for a single car, and at a slightly lower price.


You can swap your car once per month though. The “Explorer” plan is more of an on-demand subscription service – where you pay a very small monthly fee for access to a variety of cars, each with their own per-day fee and very limited mileage restrictions.


How much does it cost?

The “Explorer” on-demand plan is technically the cheapest option, with a $50 monthly fee. However, each available car has it’s only added daily fee which, depending on how nice of a car you want, can add up. 


The “Prospector” single-car plan is the cheapest of the traditional subscription services at $899 per month.


The “Pioneer” and “Adventurer” plans are both multi-car plans that will cost you either $1099 or $1599 per month, respectively. 


There is an activation fee you’ll have to pay upfront when you sign up. The “Explorer” plan has an activation fee of $250, while the “Prospector”, “Pioneer”, and “Adventurer” plans have a fee of $500.


Where does it operate?

Drive Flow services the cities of Raleigh and Winston-Salem, NC.

How do I sign up?

From the app. Just download it from your phone’s app marketplace and follow the prompts. You’ll provide all the relevant information to make your account, pick the payment plan that sounds good to you, and then Flow will do a quick credit and driving history check to make sure you’re eligible. Once approved, Flow will reach out to you and help you schedule your first car.


Am I eligible for Drive Flow?

If you’re 21 or over and have a clean driving record, it’s a safe bet that you’re eligible.


How long do I have to wait for my new car?

Drive Flow doesn’t offer any kind of trial period.


Can I try the service before I commit to it? 

Drive Flow doesn’t offer any kind of trial period.


Can I swap vehicles?

With the “Pioneer” and “Adventurer” plans, you’ll have access to multiple flips per month. The “Prospector” plan allows for one flip per month. And the “Explorer” plan is more of a short-term rental plan with a daily fee for each car. 

To flip cars, just give Drive Flow at least a 24 hour notice – though a few days notice makes the  process easier.


How do I cancel Drive Flow? 

Just give Drive Flow 30-days notice in writing. 


Drive Flow vs. Lease

With its single available swap per month, the “Pioneer” plan is most similar to a traditional lease. Of course, it still comes with the all-inclusive monthly fee typical of car subscription services. 


The “Explorer” plan is more like a short-term-rental program, while the two multi-vehicle plans offer the most traditional car subscription service experience.


What models does it carry? 

The “Prospector” single-car plan gives you access to three different models: the BMW 3-series luxury sedan, and the Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Atlas SUVs. 

The “Pioneer” plan has access to a range of Audi, BMW, Volvo, Land Rover, GMC, Toyota, and Jaguar models, while the “Adventurer” plan has access to higher-end models from the same brands. The available models span sedans, trucks, SUV’s, and “fun rides”. 


The “Explorer” plan has access to all available models.


What is included in the Drive Flow monthly price?

Drive Flow includes everything you can expect from a subscription service. There’s a set limit on mileage per month, with a per-mile fee for any excess miles driven. The “Adventurer” and “Pioneer” plans give you a solid 1,200 miles per month limit – with a $0.75 and $0.65 per-excess-mileage fee, respectively. On the “Prospector” plan, you’ll have access to 1000 miles per month, with a $0.65 per-excess-mileage fee. The “Explorer” plan allows you 80 miles per day, and will charge you an extra $1.00 per mile driven over that limit. 


Your monthly fee also covers any available vehicles swaps provided by your chosen plan. 


Taxes and additional fees are included, as are maintenance, roadside assistance, and insurance. However, unlike the other plans, the “Explorer” plan doesn’t include a concierge delivery service. 


Drive Flow’s insurance coverage includes a $1,000 deductible, $1,000,000 in liability coverage as a combined single limit, a combined $75,000 in uninsured motorist coverage, and $2,000 in medical payments.


What is not included in the Drive Flow monthly price?

Drive Flow’s monthly price doesn’t cover any miles driven over your specific plan’s mileage limit. You’ll have to pay the extra fee if you want to drive further each month. 


You’ll also be charged for the cost of refueling any car you return to Drive Flow with less than a full tank of gas. 


Then there’s a sign up fee you’ll have to pay upfront. These are all extra charges you can expect from just about every subscription service available.


Is Drive Flow right for you?  

If you live in Raleigh or Winston-Salem, and can afford it, Drive Flow is an attractive option. They offer an usually wide variety of plans and some great luxury cars. That said, the “Prospector” plan seems to be in a kind of no-man’s-land between a traditional lease and a car subscription service that doesn’t distinguish itself as much as the other plans.


Drive Flow Help & Support 

Email Drive Flow at or call them at 844-DRV-FLOW (844-378-3569).

Drive Flow FAQ

Q: Are Drive Flow new or used vehicles? 

A: Usually, your car will be – at most – one year old, though you might get an older vehicle.


Q: Can other people drive my Drive Flow car? 

A: Yes, just register them with Drive Flow as “Additional Drivers”.


Q: Can I drive Drive Flow outside the US?

A: No, you won’t be able to take your Drive Flow car outside the US.


Q: Can I buy out the Drive Flow vehicle if I want to keep it? 

A: Since Drive Flow is an affiliate of Flow Automotive, you can buy your vehicle as a used car once it’s been “retired” from circulation and returned to the dealer.


Final Verdict:

With their vastly different kinds of plans, Drive Flow – though not cheap – offers an attractive set of services.

8.8Expert Score
Very good

If you live in Raleigh or Winston-Salem, it’s worth checking out.

Cars variety
Flexible terms
Vehicle swapping
Mileage allowance
Easy process and support
The Good
  • Wide variety of plans available
  • Some nice luxury car options
  • The “explorer” plan is a very unique option
The Bad
  • Limited service areas
  • Cheapest option isn’t that cheap
  • The “Prospector” plan isn’t as attractive as the others
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