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Care by Volvo is a 24 month lease that includes your car payment, insurance coverage, and maintenance in just one monthly fee. If they choose, customers have the option to cancel their subscription after 4 months and switch to another Volvo car.


Swedish auto-manufacturer Volvo has been around since 1927, and have definitely earned their reputation as producers of safe and reliable cars. Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin invented and patented the modern three-point safety belt in 1959. Then, in the interest of safety, made the design patent open and free to all other car manufacturers. 

They also developed the very first rear-facing child car seat in 1969. 


Looking ahead, Volvo has committed themselves to the alternative fuel movement. As of 2019, all new Volvo models will either be full electric or hybrid, with all produced vehicles being fully electric starting 2040.


What does a Care by Volvo subscription look like?

Care by Volvo is a 24 month subscription program with an all-inclusive monthly payment. 


The payment covers the usage of the vehicle, maintenance, and other common services related to vehicle ownership. Volvo also takes care of the insurance coverage. You only need to worry about other expenses such as gas, tolls, and tires.


If you’re not happy with your experience, or if you want to switch to another car, you can cancel your current subscription anytime after 4 months.


How much does it cost?

Each of the four available models have their own individual monthly fee. Both Volvo’s S60 sedan and XC40 mini-SUV will cost you $650 per month. The XC60 SUV will run you $700 per month, and the extra large XC90 SUV will cost you $750 per month. 

However, Volvo does offer to cover the cost of the first month of your subscription.


Where does Care by Volvo operate?


Care by Volvo is operational in almost every state in the U.S. However, if you live in California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, South Dakota, or Texas, you’re out of luck.

How do I sign up?


Just head over to Volvo’s website. They have a very clean, easy to navigate layout and the sign-up process is very simple. First you’ll select your desired model and the applicable customization options, like exterior and interior design.

Then you will need to put down a refundable $500 deposit, then choose your preferred Volvo retailer for pick-up or, alternatively, have it delivered to your home. 

Finally, you would be required to submit an application to ensure eligibility for enrollment. Volvo’s finance department and Liberty Mutual will review your credit history and driving record. Then, if everything is in order, a concierge will call you to coordinate when to deliver the car.

Am I eligible for Care by Volvo?


To be eligible you must provide a valid US driver’s license and a minimum of 2 years’ credit history. The rest is up to Volvo. They’ll determine your insurance eligibility by considering a number of different risk and credit factors. Volvo will also accept joint applications where both applicants will need to qualify for the subscription.


How long do I need to wait for my new car?


Once you’ve been approved, you can expect delivery of your new car in about two weeks.


Can I try the service before I commit?


Volvo doesn’t offer any kind of trial period. The initial 30 free day offer is a discount on the first month of a 24 month lease agreement.


Can I swap vehicles using Care by Volvo?


You can swap to a new Volvo after 12 months of using your current subscription-provided vehicle. In order to swap your vehicle you will need to reconfirm your eligibility and sign a new 24-month contract.


How do I cancel Care by Volvo?


Once you’ve signed the agreement, you’ll have to wait at least four months if you’d like to cancel without having to pay any extra charges. You’re still financially responsible for any damage over the $1,000 limit, and for any extra mileage over the 1,250 monthly mile allowance.


Care by Volvo subscription vs Lease?


Care by Volvo is very similar to a traditional lease., However, there are a few differences. After the initial $500 deposit, you won’t find any further necessary down payment. Also, as a subscription service, Care by Volvo’s monthly subscription covers a multitude of car-related costs that a traditional lease probably won’t, like monthly vehicle payments, insurance, maintenance (including oil changes), wear coverage including tires, brakes, wiper blades, road hazards, roadside assistance and a 24/7 concierge service.


Which cars are available?


As a Care by Volvo subscriber, you’ll have access to four different models. The S60 Sedan is a four-door luxury sedan, and is the sportiest option available. The XC40 is a small SUV. It’s smaller and not quite as powerful as the XC60. It’s geared towards maneuvering in cities. The XC60 Mid-Size SUV is more powerful and slightly larger than the XC40, and the XC90 Full-Size SUV is the largest and most expensive option available. It’s focused on luxury, comfort, and interior space.

What is included in the Care by Volvo monthly price?

The usuals; milage, insurance, maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. In terms of mileage, you’ll have an allotment of 15,000 miles per year. When you eventually turn-in your vehicle, any excess miles will be calculated and you’ll be charged $.25 per mile for any mile over that 15,000 allotment. 


Volvo works with Liberty Mutual to provide insurance coverage for your subscription vehicle. At the very least, you’ll be guaranteed coverages and limits that meet your state’s requirements. Once you sign with Volvo, you won’t be able to alter the details of your insurance. If you’re dealing with a total loss situation of a Care by Volvo car, you will have to cover your Care by Volvo subscription payments up to the date of the loss as well as the deductible.


When it comes to maintenance, Volvo will cover all services recommended with each 10,000 mile interval by the vehicle’s Warranty & Maintenance booklet. This will include replacing things like wiper blades, rotors and brake pads.


When you return your car, Volvo will have a third party inspect it for wear and tear. Then, they’ll cover up to $1,000 of “excess wear” on the condition report. This covers things like  dents, windshield damage, tire replacement and interior damage.


Speaking of tires, Volvo will also repair or replace any tires and wheels damaged by road hazards and wheels that can’t be balanced or leak air. 


Finally, there’s Volvo’s  24/7 roadside assistance, which is also covered by the monthly fee.


What is not included in the Care by Volvo monthly price?

Volvo won’t cover the cost of fuel, nor will they deliver your car to your home. They will deliver it to your nearest Volvo retailer for free, though.


Is Care by Volvo right for you?

If you’re a fan of Volvos, and are interested in the simplicity of an all-inclusive rate, then this could be a great option for you. The program is essentially a 24 month lease that includes insurance and maintenance as well as the other benefits mentioned above. 


However, if you’re looking for a more flexible service in terms of vehicle swapping, variety of available models, and level of commitment, you might want to look elsewhere.


Care by Volvo Help & Support


You may call Care by Volvo at 1-(800)-550-5658, email them at or connect via live chat from the Care by Volvo website.


Care by Volvo FAQ

Q: Are Care by Volvo new or used vehicles? 

A: All Care by Volvo cars are new.


Q: Can other people drive my Care by Volvo car? 

A: Any eligible drivers disclosed during the sign-up process.


Q: Can I drive Care by Volvo outside the US?

A: You can drive your Volvo in Canada for 30 days or less


Q: Can I buy out the Care by Volvo vehicle if I want to keep it? 

A: Yes, you can purchase your vehicle at the end of the 24 month subscription term.


Final Verdict:

Because Care by Volvo is so similar to a two year lease, customers ultimately should decide the value they place on the subscription-provided services like 24/7 roadside assistance, covered maintenance, included insurance and an all-inclusive rate.


8.8Expert Score

We all know what to expect from Volvo. Their cars are safe, reliable and well-made and Volvo has always had great customer service and customer experience.

Cars variety
Flexible terms
Vehicle swapping
Mileage allowance
Easy process and support
The Good
  • New Volvo models
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great customer experience
The Bad
  • Longer term commitment
  • Limited car swapping options
  • Only 4 models available

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