Cancelling your car subscription

Cancelling your car subscription

After ride sharing and short-term car rentals, car subscription services are the latest in new, innovative ways to drive. For one recurring, inclusive fee, you can essentially “rent’ a car for weeks or months at a time – no need to worry about a ton of extra costs or negotiating with sales people.

That said, we get it, maybe you signed up for the wrong car subscription service, or your circumstances have changed, or it might turn out that a subscription service isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. Things change and sometimes you need to cut ties.

Don’t worry, the flexibility and personalization that car subscription services provide make it easy to cancel. You can easily avoid the kind of penalties you’d suffer when canceling a lease agreement early. Here are a few things you can do.


What are car subscription services?

When you buy a car, you’re paying the full price outright. When you lease a car, you’re paying the cost of the car’s depreciation (plus interest) for the length of your lease agreement. Either way you also have to cover extra costs that you might not have factored in from the get-go.

With a car subscription service, you’re paying a monthly (or weekly) fee that can cover just about every extra cost you can think of, to rent a car or cars. Like leasing, you don’t own the car – although some car subscription services offer the option to buy if you so choose. The draw here is that you can tailor your car experience to your needs. Need something fast and fun for that weekend getaway? Just schedule a swap. Need something a little more utilitarian for school, work, or soccer practice? No sweat.

Depending on the service, you can even customize your monthly mileage allotment and what kind of insurance coverage you want. Of course, that’s the ideal version of what a car subscription can be – the truth is that not all subscription services are made equal – that’s where our in-depth reviews can help.


How to cancel

First thing’s first: contact your provider. Usually this means heading to a website or using a dedicated smartphone app to either email, text, or call your car subscription service provider. Before signing up for any service, make sure you check out their cancellation policy – because each one is different.

Some services have penalties similar to that of ending a lease agreement prematurely. Luckily, your commitment length should only be a few weeks or months at most, compared to a few years. Other services let you cancel whenever you want – with only a few days, or even hours, notice with no penalties.

Our in-depth reviews detail the cancelation policies of each service, so check those out, as well as confirming with the provider before you sign up. Now, some services require you to pay a continually recurring fee for access to multiple cars, regardless of whether or not you currently need one. Other services have unique monthly or weekly fees attached to each individual car and will only charge you once you’ve scheduled to subscribe to a car. Each service has its own way of doing things, so make sure you find the one that’s right for you (again, check out our in-depth reviews).

Finally, keep in mind that when you return your subscription car, you’ll probably be charged the cost of refilling the tank with gas if you haven’t already – and you could be susceptible to extra fees if the car has suffered damages that aren’t covered by the insurance policy.

Final verdict

There are tons of different car subscription services to choose from, and more new ones popping up all the time. So you can be assured that the right one for you is out there – it’s finding it that’s the hard part. Let us help.

Head over to our review section for an in-depth rundown of each car subscription service to see which one fits your needs. And if it turns out you need to cancel your subscription – our reviews will tell you how to best go about doing so to avoid penalties.

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