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Although it’s not advertised as a “car subscription service”, Avis Flex is popular car rental company Avis’ take on an alternative to leasing or buying. Avis Flex takes Avis’ tradition renting model, and alters the pricing to charge per-month – with longer per-month terms costing slightly less compared to shorter terms. Essentially, Avis Flex operates the same way a car subscription service would. 


Avis’ humble roots began in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1946 when Warren Avis first managed a fleet of three rental cars out of the Willow Run Airport. In less than ten years Avis would grow to become the second largest car rental company in the United States. Today, Avis has around 5,500 locations that service 165 countries.


What does an Avis Flex subscription look like?

Avis Flex looks quite a bit like Avis’ traditional car rental service – the difference here being that customers are charged a monthly fee that is at a discount compared to a regular Avis rental of the same length. Avis customers go through the reservation process as they normally would, and set a rental time of anywhere from 60 days to 11 months. The final price should reflect Avis’ Flex program pricing. The caveat here is that not every Avis location offers Flex pricing, and the only way to figure out which locations do is to go through the reservation process. 


Where Flex prices are applicable, they’ll be available for any car available at that location. Everything else with Flex – insurance, maintenance etc. – are the same as regular Avis rentals.


How much does it cost?

This isn’t quite so clear. Avis’ website doesn’t show you the difference in cost when making a reservation, but it does steer towards calling their sales team to get your Flex pricing. Of course, this all depends on if your preferred Avis location offers Flex pricing.


Where does Avis Flex operate?


This is tricky to answer because it depends on the Avis location – some offer it and some don’t and that information isn’t readily available. The only way to figure out if you’re eligible for Flex pricing is to contact Avis’ sales team and inquire.

How do I sign up?


If you’re already an Avis customer with an account and wizard number, there’s no need for an extra sign-up process. To sign up for an Avis account, just head over to their website and click “sign-up” to start. You’ll be asked to enter all the relevant contact information (email, address, the usual stuff) and then you’ll need to provide a valid credit card and driver’s license.


Am I eligible for Avis Flex?


If you already have an account with Avis, then you’re eligible. In order to be eligible for an Avis, you just need a valid credit card, driver’s license, and be at least 25 years old. Drivers between 18 and 24 are still eligible, but are subject to an additional surcharge and have access to a limited roster of Avis cars.


How long do I need to wait for my new car?


When you schedule your rental reservation on Avis’ website, you can designate your pick up date and time and Avis will show you which cars will be available. So how long you’ll have to wait for you car is up to you.


Can I try the service before I commit?


Avis doesn’t offer a trial period.


Can I swap vehicles using Avis Flex?


Yes, in a sense – you can call up Avis’ sales team and schedule a new reservation. You’ll schedule a new drop-off date for your current vehicle and a pick-up date for your new one. Your monthly rate may change depending on what kind of car you’ve reserved.


How do I cancel Avis Flex?


You can cancel your account with Avis anytime – just contact Avis via their website or by phone.


Avis Flex subscription vs Lease?


Avis Flex is essentially a long-term rental at a discounted price, so the differences between Avis Flex and leasing are the same as renting versus leasing. A lease agreement is a multi-year commitment for a single car. You pay the difference in the car’s depreciation over the length of the lease, plus interest.


On top of that cost, you have to provide your own insurance and negotiate with car salespeople. With Avis Flex, everything from insurance to maintenance is included with your monthly price. You also won’t have to worry about your credit score since Avis won’t check your credit history. 


Which cars are available?


Any Avis vehicle available for rent is applicable for Flex pricing. Head over to Avis’ website for a rundown of offered vehicles. They promise the advertised vehicle, or one similar.

What is included in the Avis Flex monthly price?

Since Avis Flex is really just a monthly rental at discounted prices, Avis Flex includes everything a regular Avis rental includes in its monthly price. This includes maintenance, assistance, and auto-insurance. That said, like with all rental companies, you’ll be responsible for any damage to the vehicle while you’re renting it.


However, Avis offers a few different collision coverage packages for purchase at an additional cost to your rental fee.


What is not included in the Avis Flex monthly price?

As usual, you’ll be responsible for the cost of gas (and refilling the car after turn-in), and you’ll be covering any damage to the car sustained during your rental period. There are a number of additional coverage plans you can purchase, the details of which vary depending on the State in which you rent the car.


You can also choose to add additional features to your reservation (Sirius XM Radio, toll passes, navigation, snow tires and ski racks, etc.) that can be purchased for additional cost.


Is Avis Flex right for you?

If you have an already Avis account, and enjoy and trust their services, then Avis Flex is an interesting option if you need a car for more than a few weeks, but less than a year. That said, there are other car subscription services out there that are more user friendly and offer more interesting services.


Avis Flex Help & Support


You can reach the Avis Flex support line at 1-800-524-9000.


Avis Flex FAQ

Q: Are Avis Flex new or used vehicles? 

A: Avis Flex cars are all no more than three years old.


Q: Can other people drive my Avis Flex car? 

A: As long as they have a valid driver’s license, your partner/spouse, employer or employee can be added to your rental reservation.


Q: Can I drive Avis Flex outside the US?

A: All US Avis cars can be driven into Mexico. You can also check with your local Avis location to see in which countries you’ll be able drive your Avis car.


Q: Can I buy out the Avis Flex vehicle if I want to keep it? 

A: You can! Avis sells their cars at used-car prices.


Final Verdict:

Avis Flex is worth checking out if you already have an Avis account, enjoy working with them, and are interested in the car subscription service pricing model. That said, Avis’ user experience is a bit outdated, with a lot of information and navigation only accessible by calling.


7.7Expert Score
Very good

At the end of the day, though Avis doesn’t call Flex a car subscription service, the idea is the same - which makes Avis Flex a serviceable - though unspectacular - offering.

Cars variety
Flexible terms
Vehicle swapping
Mileage allowance
Easy process and support
The Good
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing Avis accounts
  • The more months you rent for, the bigger the discount
  • Most Avis cars come with unlimited mileage
The Bad
  • Essentially just a rental with per-month pricing
  • A lot of basic info is hard to find or only available by talking to someone
  • Prices aren’t super competitive

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